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Now Get FD Like interest on Savings account without any FD, Just on this Option and earn 7%

Nowadays most of the people are running behind FD to get 7-7.5% per annum interest rate. But there are one main issue that almost all FD comes with Lock in period for some months, years. So to get the interest rate you have to follow the terms and conditions and you can't use your money for that period for others work.

But there are one way which most of the people even don't know and banks are very strict about it. Because banks are always prefer lock in from the FD customers.

And the way is Auto Swift.

Where you just click on one option or fill up one form to get the facility where you can earn interest 6-7 % like FD on your savings account without any lock in. So it can be game changer for all the people who love FD. Because they don't love the lock in period.

So in Auto Swift you give the permission to the bank to invest your money with also have the liquidity option where they will give more interest but also have to keep the Liquidity option, where you can withdraw your money any time without any kind of penalty.

But many banks make it strict for the customers. The Terms and Conditions are different for different banks to On this Auto Swift facility.

So why wait on this option now on your savings account to get 6-7 % instead of 3-4% without any FD on your savings account.

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